Vietnam Heroes Book

Heroes – A Year in Vietnam With
The First Air Cavalry Division :By Mike Larson

Vietnam BookMike Larson reflects on his tour of duty in Vietnam during the late 1960s in his new book, Heroes – A Year in Vietnam With the First Air Cavalry Division.

As a member of the Public Information Office of the First Air Cavalry Division, Larson covered the the war for the base newspaper and provided information to various news organizations that covered the war.

The 35 chapters are actual “mini-stories” each focusing on specific individuals that Larson served with.

One chapter tells the story of the American Forces Radio and Television station that was captured by the North Vietnamese during the Tet Offensive. One of Larson’s best friends,Steve Stroub was killed in this incident, while another friend, John Bagwell survived.

Larson takes an in-debt look at some of the people he served with and includes a brief biography on many of the soldiers featured in the book, in what he calls “The PIO Player.”

1st cav logoIn addition to Mike Larson, others include: John Bagwell, Larry Collins, Richard Conrad, Herb Denton, Fred Fallos, Donald Graham, Paul Hughes, Robert Kirk, Steve Robinson, John Root, Dan Stoneking, and Steve Stroub.

Mike Larson lives in Minnesota and teaches Journalism at Minnesota State University in Mankato, Minnesota.

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